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What is Lom Pran?

Lom Pran means the wind of life and is the life energy in Thai massage. An obstruction in the flow of Lom Pran can cause discomfort or illness to a person.

Women doing traditional Thai massage


Lom Pran is the Thai term for Wind of Life. Lom Pran plays a vital role in Thai Traditional Medicine, but it is essential to Thai massage.

The concept of Lom Pran is central to other Asian cultures. Perhaps the most recognizable term for Wind of Life is the Chinese term Qi or Chi. The Japanese use the word Ki, Korean use Gi and Vietnamese use the word Khi. In Indian Sanskrit, the term for Lom Pran is Prana, which translates as Life Force or Vital Energy.

Lom Pran is an invisible primordial vital force that exists in every living being. Life is impossible without Lom Pram since it permeates and animates everything and everyone. We absorb Lom Pran from our surroundings by what we eat, drink and breathe, including sunlight.

Lom Pran flows through the Sib Sen within the human body, the ten major Life Energy channels. When the channels are free of blockages, the elements are balanced, and Lom Pran can flow freely, a person is healthy. If there is a blockage and the Lom Pran can not flow freely, the person will manifest physical, emotional, mental or spiritual discomforts, diseases, or illnesses.

Thai Massage and other Traditional Thai Medicine treatments focus on balancing Lom Pran and unblocking the pathways Lom Pran uses to travel and distribute itself through our bodies.

In a Thai massage treatment, the practitioner applies acupressure and stretches on points along the Sib Sen. The practitioner will combine massage with other treatments like Tok Sen, Luk Pra Kob, Yam Khang or Ched Hak to unblock Sib Sen for specific conditions or illnesses. The free and unobstructed flow of Lom Pran, in correct proportions and where needed, maintains or restores health.

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