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How often should you get a Thai massage?

Scheduling a massage once or twice a month will enhance your health and give respite from everyday stress and strain. But if you are involved in sports or recovering from an injury, you will need more frequent treatments.
Women doing traditional Thai massage


The benefits of Thai massage are cumulative. It might have taken days, weeks or even years for you to develop your back pain or stiff neck, so it is impossible for one Thai massage to reverse these conditions. Successive Thai massages build on the good effects of your first Thai massage, as long as you don’t space your Thai massages too far apart. If you wait too long between treatments, then each Thai massage will start you back at square one.
Here are some suggestions for how often to schedule a Thai massage. Remember, these are just suggestions for when to schedule a Thai massage. You are unique, and you need to listen to your body. Try to consider how you felt before your Thai massage, how you feel after, and how long your body holds onto that ‘post-massage’ feeling. The amount of self-care like stretching or stress reduction you do at home will affect how quickly you recover.

Wellness and Relaxation

If you are looking to enhance your health or want to reduce stress and relax tight muscles, scheduling a Thai massage once a month is a good recommendation. But if you work in a high-stress environment or participate in activities that risk repetitive-motion injuries or postural issues, you might want to consider weekly sessions. Frequent Thai massages will also help to improve your sleep patterns.

Athletic Performance

Thai massage can both enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury for athletes by balancing muscle groups and increasing joint mobility. If you are training for an event and doing intense workouts, you may want to come in once or twice a week. If your are doing less intense training, you can reduce the frequency of your Thai massage to every two weeks or once a month.

Pain Management

If you want a massage for the treatment of a chronic condition such as migraines, neck aches and backaches, the best strategy is to start with more frequent Thai massage sessions, and then slowly decrease the frequency of your visits as your muscles elongate and relax. For overly contracted muscles, you can start with weekly visits for four to six weeks. If you have an acute condition such as a muscle strain or muscle spasms, you might want to consider two shorter Thai massages per week for four to six weeks. Then, with self-care, you can reduce your number of visits to a maintenance schedule that is right for you, typically about once a month.

Injury Recovery

Thai massage can help you recover from an injury or surgery by reducing pain, inhibiting swelling, breaking up scar tissue and increasing the flow of blood and oxygen. But depending on how recent your injury is, or the type of injury you have, Thai massage can aggravate the injury. So it is imperative that you check with your doctor before booking a Thai massage. Once you are given clearance to have a Thai massage, two sessions a week or more may be needed to start, with frequency decreasing as healing and recovery progress.

How Much Thai Massage Can I Afford?

Sirius Health tries hard to make Thai massage affordable. Our standard rate is $60 for one hour, but the longer the duration of the massage, the cheaper the cost per hour and the better for your body. But we don’t stop there. We give each customer a full 45 extra minutes of attention during each visit.

Pre-Treatment – +15 Minutes

We allow 15 minutes before every treatment to give you time to consult with your therapist, change into massage clothes and have your feet washed. And if you finish early, this time is added to your Thai massage treatment.

Treatment – Booked Time

We give you every minute of the time that you book at Sirius Health. Whether you book a 60 minute treatment or a 180 minute package, that time is your time. No exceptions.

Post-Treatment – +30 Minutes

We have no intention of rushing you out the door. So we allocate a full 30 minutes after every treatment for you to sit down with your therapist for lemongrass tea and snacks.

Just For You – Immeasurable

You do not have to compete for our attention. You will be our only visitor during your visit at Sirius Health. So nothing and no one will interupt your enjoyment of our unique space
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