Make Your Thai Massage Last With Qigong

The benefits of Qigong are similar to the benefits of Thai massage, so practicing Qigong is the perfect way to extend the benefits of Thai massage. One of my goals as a Thai massage therapist is to help clients regain mobility. Culturally, we are more sedentary. What’s worse, as we age our joints tend to tighten, making range of motion and flexibility even more restricted. The combination of stretches and acupressure in a traditional Thai Massage helps loosen tight muscles and improves the range of motion in all your joints. So regular Thai massage can keep joints more fluid and make them...

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Thai Massage and Exercise

Benefits 02 February, 2021 # Topics Features Automation Security Follow Us facebook twitter youtube facebook twitter youtube Benefits Thai Massage and Exercise 02 February, 2021 Thai massage without exercise is possible and works for many people. But Thai massage with exercise is far more beneficial. The body is designed to move, joints to bend, muscles to contract, lungs to breathe more deeply, oxygen to be pumped more vigorously around the body, and the brain functions better when exercising more. So exercise per se is not just an activity...

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